yea big [pronunciation: yay]: adj. as in tiny, Lilliputian, or pint-sized


I think I speak for many people when I say that building forts as a kid was awesome.

Well, this is the story of my fiancé Travis and I on our journey of doing the same thing, but as adults.

We’re just discovering our dream to live in a tiny home, and these are the stories that go along with seeing our dream come true!

Not so sure what a tiny house is?

It’s a world-wide movement, check it out! Many more enthusiastic and inspiring sites go un-linked here, but I’ll reference many my posts.

We’re not exclusive; if your apartment or condo or house is under 1,000 square feet, you’re technically a part of the general idea and community! Living in small spaces is more about sustainability, becoming less materialistic, and living with awareness of our surroundings (especially being connected to nature).

Our favorite tiny house and the one that has given us, as well as many others, the inspiration to build their own tiny home is shown in this video.

We’re happy to share stories or even answer your inquiries if you’re curious or confused!





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