trailer, tools, and tips

Last weekend, we:


Picked up our trailer.

It happened just like the stories my dad and others tell me about driving home from the hospital with their first newborn baby, only we instead we hooked up our baby to the back of a pick up and dragged it to it’s new home and left it in the rocks.

Our first look! That baby is all ours.

We did stop, though. Almost twice. We heard the chains dangling. What if they came loose? The trailer is bouncing a bit. If the chains are loose, we could lose the trailer! Let’s stop.

Wow it’s really bouncing now, how fast are we going? Fifteen miles under the speed limit. Go twenty, it’s bouncing. What if it wasn’t the right ball size? Are the lights still lighting up?

What if we lose the trailer? What if it gets run over by a semi? Our baby…

And on.

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Laid our worries to rest and placed our baby in The Spot!

The spot is a perfect little patch of gravel yard next to a shed at an acquaintance’s parents’ home/farm. Though we arrived to the location in the dark, the coupls is so kind and helpful! They’re kind enough to lend us a section of land on which we can build the tiny house. They love our project already, and just want to be a part of it. How great!


Gathered, borrowed, and bought some tools and hardware.

This will be an ongoing task. The employees at Lowes will be our besties.




Visited my Dad and completed some actual 3D SketchUp designs and layout plans.

Sketchs of our trailer and layout!

Thanks Dad!
Dad working SketchUp and AutoCAD magic for our rough layout. Thanks Dad!

My Dad is an architect, so we’re pretty lucky to have him. Travis and I are graphic designers, so the overall layout and fine details are an easily acquired skills for building a structure, but it’s the specific layout concepts, balance tips, and structural integrity points we get from Dad.

Check out the mostly-final layout!

mostly final layout


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