subfloor building

lumber delivery

We ordered all of our lumber on Monday last week from Lowe’s and it was delivered to the site for around $80. We even ordered our metal flashing and insulation for the subfloor in the same order, but it’s on backorder. We eagerly await the arrival of the rest of our shipment!

lumber pile
Break time. Note the handy little shed (right) they’ve allowed us to use!


lumber type

Today, we completed our second day of cutting boards for the subfloor. The subfloor is constructed of 2×6 treated wood. We use treated wood for any structural pieces that are at the “bottoms” of things, like the subfloor and the bottom plate (2×4 material). It lessens the chance it’ll rot or break down faster.

Subfloor section in the very back of the trailer.
Overall view of the entire subfloor pre-nailing. Measuring everything three times!

Our subfloor is in three sections because our trailer is so long. We’ll need a layer of metal flashing, vapor barrier, and plywood sheathing underneath the 2×6 material as well, so it’ll be easier to construct it in three different sections than just one. Also, the seams of each section act as spots of stronger structural integrity.

Each section is divided into five to fit the regular batt-size insulation. We ordered Roxul, which we’ve heard other tiny houser’s have used. It’s safer to handle than the general fiberglass insulations (Roxul does not have any fiberglass), and it has a range of R-ratings for any type of weather. Everything didn’t work out as nicely as it could have—one section in each of the three sections will only be around 12″, so we’ll have to cut a couple batts to fit. So be it!

Not too shabby!

things we’ve learned

  • don’t drop boards on your toes
  • have sharp saw blades
  • don’t lose all the staples from the ends of the boards in other people’s yards
  • have water on hand for 90F October days (we live in the upper Midwest)
  • hold a hammer at the very bottom for optimal strike power
  • close your eyes and blow our your nose when the sawdust blows up under your eye protection when cutting boards
  • build a tiny house!

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