imminent arrival

“Your trailer is going through finishing today. So as soon as that’s done, it’ll be here by the end of the week or beginning of next.”

Words from our trailer retailer last week. This is real life and we’re going to be building within weeks. How exciting!

Since then, I’ve been researching every day, countless hours, discovering everything we can do to build safely and efficiently, maximize space, and prepare for a change in lifestyle.

YEA BIG: LIFE start at SketchUp Layout
(I also began to try my hand at layout in SketchUp, a program completely different than the design software I’m used to, but still a lot of fun! It’s a work in progress. I’ll post again later on the pros and cons of learning SketchUp and planning a layout before build begins.)

the trailer

The trailer is one of the, if not the most important part of our tiny house. It’s the foundation. It’s the key to moving our home when we want to take it somewhere new. That’s why we had one custom built (see specs below)—we think the trailer is one of the most valuable factors in the build. It’s essential that it has the highest level of safety, sturdiness, and security available.

Ever since we ordered the trailer, we’ve been pestering our retailer about the exact and detailed specs of the trailer, but to no avail. We understand that he’s busy. And he’s actually doing us a favor. We’ve let it go for so long now that, because the trailer is arriving so soon, we’re letting it go. That means that we still don’t have full drawings or layout plans done (as you can see from above).

Our goal has been to get the walls of the house up before the snow flies. It’s certainly going to be a challenge since it’s already past mid-September. However, with the handy skills we have combined, as well as the support from our family and friends, we’re confident it’s possible.

the specs

  • Type: 14ET Tandem Axle
  • Dimensions: 8.5′ x 26′ (~221 sq. ft.)
  • Frame: 6″ tube frame (frame will be full width in the front and rear, with fabricated angles around the wheels, to create the widest space for building the TH walls)
  • GVRW: 14,000 lbs (each axle 7,000#)
  • Lighting: rear tailboard
  • Jack: 12K Side Wind Jack (we think)
  • Axles: two 7,000# EZ lube with electric brakes (we think (and there better be!))

I’ll post photos as soon as I can!


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