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tinyhouse_livingroomBecoming a part of the tiny house community is the easiest and biggest step toward building a tiny house. Although Travis and I have not started the physical build yet, I feel like a member of the community already. Obviously, everything is online, but it is a global movement, too, that has spurred workshops, books, classes, and talks on everything tiny living. The community includes all with interest in small houses, tiny living, self-sustaining homes and more. 

I’d like to share some of the blogs, sites, videos, and books that have influenced Travis and I the most in our research on this lifestyle so far. The list style here serves a purpose of brevity, otherwise I would gush about every one in superfluous detail.



This video is of a tour of one of our favorite tiny houses on wheels (as well as many other tiny house dreamers, as we’ve found). I’ll let him show you the beauty.

Tiny House Nation is a show on FYI Network (featuring Zack Giffin, a brilliant carpenter and designer with a lifestyle freakishly parallel to a dream life of my own) which showcases people as they start their own tiny journey.

This teenager even built his own tiny home! Impressive. What’s even more impressive is the even tinier amount of garbage produced as he built it!

Beauty and clever design is a huge inspirational factor in this dream of ours, and these people have some huge aspirations in this area.livingbig_buildingVid

sites & blogs:

I get Tiny House Talk e-newsletters weekly to daily and each one is filled with articles on their website featuring tiny houses for sale, a new style of tiny house, a small house (which is different in many way than a tiny house), building techniques, tips on toilets, and anything else you could want to know.

Tumbleweed is a tiny house company that provide a library of pre-designed, deliverable, and ready-to-assemble tiny houses on wheels, as well as workshops around the nation. We hope to go to one sometime!

The Tiny Tack House! An couple with an impressive solar-powered home!


Tiny House Giant Journey is another amazing couple who built and live in their tiny home and have documented it the whole way! They have some great videos.

Living Big in a Tiny House also has some great videos where Bryce seeks out and meets other people who live tiny. He interviews them and records tours of tiny houses all around New Zealand! The vlog covers key design and building techniques, too, invaluable information coming from those that have done it.


Backyard Sheds & Tiny Houses by Jay Shafer is a great DIY book we’ve only just delved into, but the plans get us buzzing with desire to design and build.


Overall, we’ve learned that this idea of living in a tiny house does not just have to be a “what if” idea. With such abundant resources online and the available books and workshops nationwide, we’ve learned we’re just a couple people with the same dream as thousands of others. As strange as it may seem, we could build this house just by watching videos and vlogs made by those who are documenting their tiny builds as we speak and by those have already succeeded.


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