the beginning

Serene log cabin in winter with the sun shining brightly.

Since I’m creating this blog in the somewhat middle of our planning process, this is a summary of how it all began for me…

  • pinterest addict
  • log cabin love
  • tiny wood stoves
  • a tiny house…
  • a tiny houses on wheels?
  • tiny modern-looking homes??
  • “COOL.”
  • the REAL beginning…[to be continued]

Interwoven into that list is my ever-present urge to write and make worlds from images I see. Obviously, Pinterest is a motherload of input for that mind-space.

The thought process I went through from pinning images to a tiny house reality is not clear to even me, but sometime last fall, a dream formed.

Maybe it’s my writer’s side pushing forward and demanding a story start in reality. Maybe it’s something else. My dad’s an architect. Mom’s an interior designer. Brother is an inventor and engineer at heart. I’m a writer and designer, but I think even more, I’m an adventure-seeker. And though I’ve traveled many places, it’s also a desire to make an adventure of myself, and within my relationship.

At some point I said, why not? 

Once I said “cool” to myself for a couple weeks,  I showed Travis the pictures of the tiny wood stoves next to the tiny kitchens in a tiny house on great big landscape of earth.

And then we watched Tiny, a documentary of a couple building their own tiny home.

And then we said, why not?  together.


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