subfloor building

lumber delivery

We ordered all of our lumber on Monday last week from Lowe’s and it was delivered to the site for around $80. We even ordered our metal flashing and insulation for the subfloor in the same order, but it’s on backorder. We eagerly await the arrival of the rest of our shipment!

lumber pile
Break time. Note the handy little shed (right) they’ve allowed us to use!

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trailer, tools, and tips

Last weekend, we:


Picked up our trailer.

It happened just like the stories my dad and others tell me about driving home from the hospital with their first newborn baby, only we instead we hooked up our baby to the back of a pick up and dragged it to it’s new home and left it in the rocks.

Our first look! That baby is all ours.

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imminent arrival

“Your trailer is going through finishing today. So as soon as that’s done, it’ll be here by the end of the week or beginning of next.”

Words from our trailer retailer last week. This is real life and we’re going to be building within weeks. How exciting!

Since then, I’ve been researching every day, countless hours, discovering everything we can do to build safely and efficiently, maximize space, and prepare for a change in lifestyle.

YEA BIG: LIFE start at SketchUp Layout
(I also began to try my hand at layout in SketchUp, a program completely different than the design software I’m used to, but still a lot of fun! It’s a work in progress. I’ll post again later on the pros and cons of learning SketchUp and planning a layout before build begins.)

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Though this post has nothing to do with tiny houses, it is too awkward and long-winded for a mere Facebook status, and on a memorable day like… yesterday, I suppose, with the SCOTUS ruling, it’s relevant no matter what!

I have a story to share.

Back when I was around 7 years old (maybe 8 or 9, Mom would know for sure), I had a huge box of beads. This box had probably 24 compartments that held beads of all shapes and sizes in all the colors a little girl could want. I also had a ball of yarn that bled from one color to the next as you unraveled it. I would make figures and shapes by threading a bead and tying the yarn and threading more beads and tying another knot until the shapes became lizards and turtles and snakes.

The memories that I’m relishing today are of Grandpa Julio.

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large tiny community

tinyhouse_livingroomBecoming a part of the tiny house community is the easiest and biggest step toward building a tiny house. Although Travis and I have not started the physical build yet, I feel like a member of the community already. Obviously, everything is online, but it is a global movement, too, that has spurred workshops, books, classes, and talks on everything tiny living. The community includes all with interest in small houses, tiny living, self-sustaining homes and more.  Continue reading